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How to earn cashback with Cashrewards in-store offers

Cashrewards wants you to earn Cashback wherever and whenever possible, that’s why we’ve launched our In-Store Offers. Learn how to earn Cashback in-store with our handy tips below. That’s Cashback when you activate In-Store Offers and use your linked Visa credit or debit card at participating stores on Cashrewards.

No more waiting around for the courier to get those shoes you desperately wanted, just link your card to your Cashrewards account through the website or mobile app to activate the offer and off you go, pay with your linked card in-store and earn Cashback!

With top stores including Sunglass Hut, Novo Shoes, Forever New and many more, shopping just got better. But the best part is that it doesn’t stop at clothing and apparel, Cashrewards members will now also earn Cashback across restaurants and Cafes like Bondi Pizza, Boon Cafe and Chat Thai, just to name a few that have jumped on board making everyday meals more affordable!

Cashrewards members can link up to 5 Visa debit or credit cards to their Cashrewards account.

Let’s make life a little better for you. Check out our tips on how to earn Cashback in-store with Cashrewards In-Store Offers.

How to Earn Cashback In-store with Cashrewards In-Store Offers

  1. Make the connection. Click on the in-store tab if you’re on a desktop or via the Cashrewards mobile app. You’ll find a range of stores that have In-Store Offers.
  2. Seek and you shall find. Find your favourite stores and click on the “Link Your Card” button. After linking your card, you can go back to the store’s page and will be prompted to activate that offer. From the moment you have linked one or more cards, you can activate as many In-Store Offers as you want.
  3. Always activate the offers before shopping. Make sure you always earn Cashback, ensure you always activate the In-store Offers on Cashrewards prior to making your purchases, we can’t track your Cashback if the offers haven’t been activated and you have used the linked card as a method of payment. And we want you earning and saving as much as possible!
  4. Shop as you normally would at the participating store. There’s no need for a special code, or to tell the salesperson anything – other than raving about it!
  5. Credit, please. Make sure you always select “credit” as your preferred method of payment to ensure your Cashback is processed.
  6. You’ll be notified. We’ll send you an email notification to let you know once the store has advised us of your purchase.
  7. Make the most out of rewards and loyalty programs. In-Store Offers mean you will always earn Cashback for your purchases, even on top of store or credit rewards points so: it is savings on top of savings!
  8. Shopaholics take note. Always check the offer terms, as available In-Store Offers will vary between retailers. Some retailer offers are restricted to a certain number of redemptions per member and other offers do not have a redemption limit.
  9. In-Store Offers are exclusive to Cashrewards members. We’ll continue to add more stores to our In-Store Offers so keep checking back!

Following these tips will help you see your rewards growing. Think of all the possibilities you can do with that saved money.

For more on how In-Store Offers work, watch the video here.

To link your Visa card/s and read the FAQs click here.

Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through Cashrewards mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although Cashrewards has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you cashback at these stores.

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