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Our members have earned $50 million in cashback

When Cashrewards launched in 2014, its vision was to give back to all Australians. Four and a half years later, over 450,000 Aussies have joined Cashrewards and are earning cashback on their everyday purchases – and the numbers just keep growing.

Our members have recognised the potential in earning cashback and have earned $50 million collectively since conception! This milestone illustrates the concept of cashback has gained momentum in just a short span of time since its launch in Australia.

Reaching $50 million in cashback has also meant that Cashrewards has given back the largest amount of cashback in Australasia. To add to this, our members are saving money on the increasing costs of living on purchases they would usually make.

It’s not only a win for our members but also our retail partners. 1,200 retail partners featured on Cashrewards have also seen the growth and success of the cashback program. Cashrewards has generated over $1 billion in revenue for them proving that the cashback landscape in Australia is growing rapidly within the retail sector.

The key to our success?

Our members are our success story! Cashrewards has become Australia’s most trusted brand when it comes to cashback because of our members. We pride ourselves on helping our members make the most of earning cashback on their purchases both in-store and online. Their trust and continued support of Cashrewards has solidified our position in Australia’s cashback landscape.

Our aim is to help Aussies maximise their savings where they can. And that’s just what we’re doing with over 200,000 transactions per month! Our members have recognised savvy shopping can be done by everyone and the benefits are worth it. Members have saved on everyday expenses like groceries, fuel, health care and energy costs which make up a bulk of their income expenditure. This combined with other purchases such as travel, accommodation and fashion has meant that many Cashrewards members are earning thousands of dollars in cashback every year.

See how everyday Aussies like Elsye & Jason, Diana and Brook & Ashley have made earning cashback work for them.

Elsye Sutanawi (August 2018)

“I like it because it’s a good way to save more money… everything in Australia is so expensive so you have to find a way to reduce your spending.”


Diana Adams (December 2017)

“I’m seeing real money coming into my Cashrewards account by doing nothing different than what I would normally do online anyway”


Brooke Windred (May 2018)

“I’ve been using Cashrewards for about three years… For me, it’s an essential part of my online shopping because I’ll choose a place that’s on Cashrewards over somewhere else because of that additional cashback.”


Awards and Recognition

Along with the acknowledgment we have received from our members, we’re also honoured to have been recognised and awarded by the following institutions over the past 4 years:

  • 2018 – AFR Fast 100, Cashrewards in 6th place

  • 2018 – Winner: NORA Best Loyalty Marketing

  • 2018 – AFR Most Innovative Companies (54th)

  • 2017 – Winner: Number Crusher Award at the Anthill Cool Company Awards

  • 2017 – Finalist: Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards

  • 2017 – Winner: Media, Marketing and Advertising Business of the Year in the Optus MyBusiness Awards

  • 2017 – Finalist: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in the Optus MyBusiness Awards

  • 2017 – Finalist: Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Awards

  • 2017 – Fourth Place: Smart50 rankings

  • 2017 – Regional Finalist: EY Entrepreneur of the Year

  • 2017 – Finalist: Telstra New South Wales Business Awards

  • 2016 – Finalist: Anthill Cool Company Awards

  • 2016 – Finalist: Startcon eCommerce Company of the Year

  • 2016 – Winner: Fastest Growing Technology Company in Australia at the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards.

Giving Back is in our DNA!

We want to help where we can. It starts with our members and branches out to the whole community.

As the amount of cashback given to our members rises, so does our 1% pledge donation to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. With the help of our members, we’ve brightened the lives of 2453 sick children to date.

We’ve also been able to help community groups through Cashrewards Community – a fundraising initiative launched to assist community groups such as schools, sports clubs, charities, not-for-profits, childcare centres and faith-based organisations. The aim of the program is not only to assist members in earning cashback for themselves, but also 1% of the equivalent cashback claimed by the members supporting those communities is donated by Cashrewards to their community organisation.

There’s more to come…

We are continually looking at ways to help benefit our retail partners and members. More incentives, better offers and of course more stores where our members can earn cashback!

Thanks to all our members and retail partners for making Cashrewards a true Australian success story. We will continue to grow and give back with your support.

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