Eco-friendly products that the planet will thank you for

Is wanting to live more sustainably at the top of your New Years’ resolution list?

To help, we’ve put together a list of our top products from our favourite eco-friendly brands available here at Cashrewards:

Naked Foods

Vegetable and Fruit Bag: Replacement for plastic bags. $11.95 + 14% cashback (In-store)


Nourished Life

Life Basics Stainless Steel Straws: Eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. $12.95 + 7% cashback


Priceline Pharmacy

ETHIQUE Damage Control Shampoo Bar: Equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo. $24.99 + 2.8% cashback



Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set: Cruelty-free made with 100% organic bamboo. $178 + 6.3% cashback



BALILG Backpack: Eco-friendly canvas bag made from recycled nylon. $190 + 5.6% cashback



Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through Cashrewards mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although Cashrewards has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you cashback at these stores.

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