How to save money when planning a holiday
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It’s nearly summer in the Northern Hemisphere and who doesn’t love chasing the sun? Here are a few ways on how to save money when planning a holiday, even whilst travelling between June and September during peak season.

These tips will help you save money on your flights, accommodation, tours and airport transfers. There are also a few tricks to help you avoid getting data usage charges and chewing through your data at a crazy rate.



How to save money when planning a holiday

Book your flights as early as possible. If you plan your holiday well in advance, generally you’ll get cheaper flights. If you have to leave it to the last minute, then save money by booking through airlines such as Emirates, Air New Zealand, Etihad and others and earn up to 2.1% Cashback on your tickets.


Accommodation:How to save money when planning a holiday

Take advantage of special coupons and offers at accommodation sites like Luxury Escapes,, and many others. Not only can you save money, but if you book your stay via Cashrewards you may even earn Cashback. *


Getting around:

How to save money when planning a holidayIf you’re like me and you need to have your airport pick up planned in advance, then you can do one of two things. Either book a coach or book a private transfer to and from the airport. Either way, you can earn Cashback on your bookings through companies like Hoppa and Jayride.

In most countries, Uber is also available, but use it to book your rides once you’re settled into your stay as you don’t want to underestimate the price of the ride to and from the airport.

If you’re wanting to drive around and go at your own pace, then hire a car well in advance to ensure there is one available and that you have a selection of cars to suit your needs. You don’t want to be stuck with something as small as a Yaris, when you need a bigger car, because that’s all you could find at the last minute. Again, save money one by booking through Cashrewards from car hire operators such as Europcar, Rentalcars and more.


Tours & Activities:

You’re going to want to book as many experiences as possible to see the city you’re in. There are a few ways to do this without paying the inflated prices when you turning up and book with a tour agent. One way and I’ve done this myself, is to check and see if Free Tours By Foot operates in the city you’re visiting. This tour group operates in America and Europe. The tours are generally free unless you need to pay entry to specific attractions, or maybe a small booking fee (in some instances). Your only expense will be a tip at the end of the tour.  Guides are local to the area and will not only give you in-depth knowledge, but also great recommendations for places to eat, drink and visit.

How to save money when planning a holiday


How to save money when planning a holidayFree tours can only get you so far. To experience some local activities or attractions, book your tickets before you arrive at your destination. You’ll not only avoid the long queues, but you’ll also earn Cashback and discounts when you book online through Viator, Expedia and more. Tours and activities can be costly, so getting Cashback on them will save you some money, especially if you’re going to be doing a few.


Apps and the internet:

We heavily rely on technology to get us around, as well as sharing our adventures with our family and friends back home. If you don’t have a phone plan with global roaming such as the $5 a day deal from Vodafone, then pay close attention or you’ll chew through your data, and your phone bill will be pricey. Firstly, if you’re not on global roaming, make sure your data roaming is switched off on your phone. Download your maps before your departure or use the WIFI in your hotel room/lobby – if it’s free (remember we’re saving money here not spending it). In Google maps, you can download an offline map of the area you need. This will avoid having to enable your data roaming.

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How to save money when planning a holiday

If you’re on social sites, only upload or check-in if you’ve got access to free WIFI in a café, hotel, or other.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a cheap global roaming package with your phone plan and you need to stay connected, buy a SIM card overseas and top it up as you go.

Getting around can be easy, and you should consider downloading apps such as Trainline EU (if in Europe), Uber, Visit a City, Trip Advisor and Viator. According to Forbes, App in the Air, Elk Currency Converter and Google Translate are also essential to have. These will assist in buying tickets for travel and also give you an itinerary of things to see and do on your holiday.



How to save money when planning a holidayMost people completely forget they need water until they need it. This happens because we’re so used to having it on hand in the office or at home that we don’t think about the cost until we’re on holidays. The last thing you want to do is be spend your hard-earned dollars on water. Either purchase a water bottle from a junk shop and refill it as often as you like or purchase a bottle of water initially and just reuse that bottle. Keep it in your hotel room fridge so you have cool water when you get back. Use the free water available in your room!

Cutting the costs on purchasing water daily will make a huge difference to where your money is being spent, especially if you’re travelling around in the middle of summer. I made the mistake of not purchasing a water bottle and keeping it chilled in the fridge in my hotel room and when you’re in 30-degree heat, believe me, you drink a lot of water. I spent almost 15 euros a day on water.


Remember, pre-planning will not only save you money – because in most cases it’s cheaper to plan well in advance but will also save you the stress of trying to find something last minute. Earning Cashback on your holiday will also mean that once you’re back, you’ll be able to have some extra money to either help pay your credit card debt or put towards your next trip.



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