10 sports you need to try this summer

There is an abundance of summer sports and activities that can get you and your friends and family out and about, and active.

With activities like walking, cycling, running and swimming the more general forms of exercise throughout the year- in summer, a new range of activities and sports pop up that will give you a great opportunity to have fun and spice up your workout.

So, here’s how to get your summer fun started with 10 summer sports you should try before the end of the warmth!

1. Standup paddle boarding

More commonly known as “SUP”, standup paddle boarding is taking over the world of water sports. Think surfing, but with a paddle, however unlike traditional surfing, stand up paddle boarders stand on the board and use the paddle to move through the water.

There are a variety of benefits to standup paddle boarding including increased core stability and leg strengthening to maintain balance and stability on the board. It’s also a low impact activity, which means you’ll get a six pack and abs without having to do high-intensity work!

2. Beach volleyball

There is nothing better than heading down to the beach on a warm summers day with family or friends, and playing a game of beach volleyball!

Volleyball is a great team sport, which means that it’s perfect for everyone to jump in and join in on. You can either play competitively or just have a bit of fun with everyone and hit the ball around on the sand.

3. Backyard Cricket

Emphasis on the word “backyard”, meaning that it’s generally a lot more relaxed than the usual games you would watch on TV or at the MCG. However, most families can actually turn this summer classic backyard sport into a very competitive one!

This is a great game to play at family BBQ’s or after Christmas day lunch. All you need is a couple of items for wickets (sticks, buckets, or home appliances), as well as a bat and ball – and you’re ready to go!

4. Water Polo

Over the summer holidays, find a pool and rally the troops together to play a sport that they may have never thought of playing before – water polo! Not only is it a fun game for the family and friends, it will get your legs and core working the whole way through too.

With the aim to shoot the ball into the opposing team’s goal, there will be plenty of water splashing around – making it one of the most fun summer sports to enjoy with friends.

5. Tennis

There is nothing like The Australian Open to get everyone in the mood for a game of tennis!

Tennis is a great sport that you can decide at what pace you work. Whether you want to replicate the Aus Open, or just have a casual hit with friends; this is an awesome game for revving up your calorie burn.

6. Kayaking

With similar movements to stand up paddle boarding, kayaking is a fantastic sport for relaxation.

Set your own pace as you paddle out in your favourite beach, lake or river and admire the scenery at a leisurely pace.

7. Rock Climbing

If it’s super hot outside, then head on inside for the cool conditions for a rock climbing session.

Rock climbing will work every muscle in your body as you climb to the top and move in all directions. This is a great family activity, and good for all levels of confidence as there can be a variety of rock climbing walls to climb.

You can even buy your own rock climbing wall to install at home! Check out the one below...

8. Hiking

Use the warmer weather and longer days to head out on the beaten track and go exploring with a hike.

Pack a picnic lunch and climb upwards to see the beautiful views of where you live or the holiday destination you are visiting.

9. Golf

This summer sport may not be for everyone, but golf does work A LOT of the main muscles in your body and is a great sport for developing great brain health as well (due to the concentration it requires to get a hole in one!).

If you’re looking to use your golf session as a workout, then opt against the golf cart and instead walk the entire course.

10. Surfing

Looking for a workout that’s going to burn your core?

This may not be a sport that you can pick up easily, but surfing is most definitely one of the best workouts out there during the summer months.

It’s a total body workout, which requires endurance and really good balance. And, it’s a great way to work on your tan too, with all that time in the water and on the sand.

Rally up your friends and family and get outdoors to enjoy these summer sports and activities as much as you can!


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