Autumn Fashion Guide: Clothing ideas and inspiration

The days are getting shorter, trees are losing their leaves, and the air feels a little less humid signalling that Autumn is well and truly here. Inevitably that means it’s time to start reorganising the wardrobe in preparation for the cooler months of autumn.

Most of the fashion world has been kept indoors with the rest of us over the last year, but they’ve been working hard to deliver the style inspiration we need to get us inspired as we head back outside.

As life returns back to normal here in Australia, we’ve scoured the fashion trends from across the globe to determine what colours, outfits and accessories you need to know to be on trend this Autumn.

Autumn colour trends 2021


Clean and polished, white is a colour that is timeless but also very in style this autumn. Initially a more formal look, white-on-white, has made its way into the modern streetwear of 2021. We see this colour pop up across multiple items and accessories, but the latest autumn accessory currently generating the most buzz is the white knee-high boot. A subtle nod to the 60s, white boots are a chic way of elevating your entire outfit. Depending on your style, pair with a slouchy style for a more effortless look, or a tighter boot to create a sexier, sleeker look.


These white leather RAID Lennyo boots from ASOS, are a perfect blend between both styles and give you the versatility to create a number of staple autumn looks.

Yellow and Camel


A colour combination reminiscent of the 1970s, the yellow and camel colour trend is back with a bang this autumn. This pairing is great for bringing a bit of colour to any workplace or social event, whilst also creating a more neutral look. Mix and match shades of yellow and camel to give depth and dimension to your ensemble.

If a full look is a little much, take inspiration from the latest runways and opt for a yellow accessory. Find yourself a classic small clutch or perhaps consider a mustard tote more of an everyday look.



The quintessential colour of the season, Rust, is a must this Autumn. Deeper than its sister colour Burnt Orange, Rust goes perfectly within the more neutral earthy colours that are dominating the Autumn runways for 2021. The perfect transition into the cooler months of autumn, this is an incredibly flattering colour.

This easy-to-wear warmer colour is flexible enough to pair with white, black, denim and even other of the moment colours like khaki and yellow.



New York fashion consultant David Wolfe said, “Khaki never really goes away”, which is undoubtedly true for Autumn 2021. Khaki is both a colour and a fabric, and the two usually go hand in hand. A blend of cotton and wool makes Khaki perfect for seasons like autumn with both warmer and cooler days.

Khaki is a solid neutral colour that plays well with almost any other colour, and a myriad of prints. Incredibly wearable and versatile, don’t be surprised if khaki becomes your cooler-weather uniform.

Casual autumn outfits and style inspiration

Whether you’re at home or out and about, comfort is the key word when it comes to casual autumn fashion in 2021.

Black Facemasks


Fashion is timely, relevant and reflects the current culture, so it’s no surprise that styled face masks have been showing up on Paris and Milan runways over the last couple of months. A symbol of a post-pandemic world, face masks are still an essential accessory for Australia and most of the world.

There are so many options for facemasks, so when it comes to styling face masks, what’s in vogue? Comfort is critical when it comes to choosing the right face mask. These sleek black face masks match almost every outfit you wear and offer great essential coverage for your nose and mouth. Opt for a silk fabric for easier breathing, or if you’re looking for something a bit fancy, something with embellishments.


Paris Fashion Week runways were filled with baggy knitwear, showing us that the fashion world isn't ready to stray too far away from luxe loungewear and comfort-first clothing that dominated 2020. Cream, white, off white and khaki tones featured heavily in this season's knitwear.


This oversized turtle-neck from Beyond Her matches the slightly slouched oversized tailoring that designers have labelled “the fit of autumn”. Visit the Glue store, either in-store or online, to get yours today.



Long associated with revolution and newness - the jumpsuit has always been in. From everyday wear to the boardroom, the jumpsuit has been having its moment in women’s fashion and this autumn is no exception. This utility jumpsuit from Ceres Life is perfect for those who enjoy an industrial khaki look with a relaxed fit. A key colour of the season that plays well with almost any colour, this outfit is easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Visit David Jones to make a purchase, and make sure you’ve got your Cashrewards browser extension installed in your browser.

Classy autumn outfits and style inspiration

It’s not all about comfort this Autumn. As Australia opens back up there are more and more opportunities to get out and about, and that means more chances to get dressed up – remember what that felt like? If you’ve got an event in the diary, these are some trends you should consider throwing in to incorporate a more classy autumn-inspired outfit.



Fringing is the hottest way to make a statement this autumn. Whether it’s on clothing or a signature feature of the latest autumn accessory, fringing will have you turning heads whilst also keeping it chic.

With many designers predicting fringing as a style that defines 2021, this might be a trend that’s bigger than autumn! With that in mind, opting for clothing and accessories in darker colours like black or brown will give you a more trans-seasonal, classic, and timeless look. But if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, why not go for bolder fringed styles in red or green to make an impact.

The Oversized Boyfriend Jacket


Comfy meets classy when it comes to this 80s inspired autumn trend. Creating a long silhouette that also allows you to play with shapes, the oversized boyfriend blazer is a bold, modern and signature look this autumn.

Neutral colours, or even a powder blue, are the perfect jacket colours that allow you to easily dress this style up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. Rock this style with a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts, or cinch in your waist with a belt for a more dressy look that elongates your legs. Keen to go all out with the look? Why not get some shoulder pads to really play up this autumn fashion trend.

The Sparkly Party Dress

We've missed parties. But with restrictions easing across Australia, why not head back out into the world of social gatherings with a bang! Several shows at the London Fashion Week featured party wear perfect for the post-pandemic night-life.

The sparkly iridescent slip dress is the current front-runner, a nostalgic reminder of what it was like to dance the night away.


This ultra-chic and effortlessly stylish piece from French designer Maje is perfect for a night out on the town as we come into the cooler months. If you’re a Cashrewards members can enjoy 10% cashback when you visit the ICONIC and purchase online.

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