Ultra affordable winter clothing for dogs

Winter is coming! And whilst we’re getting all wrapped up let’s spare a thought for our four-legged fur babies. We’ve found some super cute and ultra-affordable clothing to keep your pooch from feeling the chill this winter, whilst also allowing them to roam around freely without restrictions and hefty price tags.

The options we’ve compiled below allow you to alternate between outfits, but also knowing that dogs run amuck and put holes in things, we wanted to give you clothes that didn’t leave a hole in your pocket.

People may have the idea that keeping their pooch warm during the colder months is all about wrapping them up in a blanket when the heater or heating isn’t doing much in keeping the house warm. This then means your fur baby isn’t able to roam freely and also causes them to resemble the image below – it’s cute we know! But highly impractical, unless they’re lying on the couch with you or in their bed.

Dog fashion is a thing and it’s a big thing! Thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lisa Vanderpump, Liam Hemsworth and the like, the need to look after our precious four-legged friends when it comes to style has become a focal point when considering how to keep your pooch warm. Not only do we want to keep them warm during the colder months, but we also want to make sure they are looking fabulous.

So beanies, jumpers and t-shirts are definitely a must in their wardrobes. Our top picks for this season’s outfits are listed below (oh, and we wanted to insert as much cuteness as possible so queue the dog images).

Must-have pet accessories for Winter

My Pet

My Pet

Fuzzyard Juicy Bandana


Bonus 4% Cashback=$0.39



Petbarn - Bond & Co

Argyle Dog Beanie Burgundy


Bonus 4% Cashback=$0.59


T-shirts & parkas for your pooch


PetStock - The Secret Life of Pets

Gidget dog Muscel T-shirt


Bonus 4.90% Cashback=$0.97


Pet Circle

Pet Circle

Fuzzyard T-shirt Swag- $29.95

Bonus 1.80% Cashback=$0.53


Knitted pet accessories


Petbarn - Bond&Co

Chevron Knit Dog Sweater Pink


Bonus 4% Cashback=$1.19



Petbarn - Bond & Co

Cable Knit Dog Socks Grey -$10.49

Bonus 4% Cashback=$0.41


Remember dogs have a personality too so like you would dress yourself according to your personality, you would your dog. With these items, your pooch will be super warm and looking like a celebrity pet when walking in the dog park or out and about with you.


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