Money | 22 Mar | Insider Team

Building a solid passive income stream is a great way to achieve your financial goals quicker. We explore three ways you can kick start that side hustle.

Money | 27 Aug | Insider Team

Save while you shop with the Cashrewards app

Searching for a great new way to save some extra cash while you shop? You’ll find that Cashrewards, an Australian cashback rewards program, is just the ticket.

Money | 29 Jul | Insider Team

Electricity price reforms & what they mean for you

As of July 1 this year, a new set of reforms came into place that has affected electricity prices. The changes are designed to cut through the confusing marketing tactics used by energy companies and allow consumers to compare against a default price.

Money | 26 Aug | Insider Team

Save as you shop with Cashrewards

Looking for another way to save while you shop? Cashrewards, an Australian cashback rewards program, is the perfect choice. Not familiar with Cashrewards? Learn more about what makes this rewards program stand out from the crowd.

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Caltex in-store offers make fuelling up rewarding

Life can be expensive. The mortgage, energy bills, groceries and everything else all take a massive hit to the hip pocket. It’s like we’re in an endless cycle of paying and not really feeling like we’ve received anything back. At least not until now.

Money | 17 Jan | Insider Team

See how you can save $1000 per year with tips from Sugar Mamma

Financial Planner Canna Campbell, better known as Sugar Mamma, is somewhat of a financial guru here in Australia. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce majoring in Economics and Marketing, Campbell has become an expert in showing people how to save money.

Money | 18 Dec | Insider Team

Energy price increase: How to save on your energy bill

Energy, whether it’s gas or electricity, is always a contentious topic. It’s not breaking news that energy prices in Australia are so expensive.

Money | 14 Nov | Insider Team

Money saving apps you need

We all need a little help when it comes to saving money or even investing into a portfolio. It can be a difficult task to filter through all the money saving apps that claim to be able to help you save or start your portfolio, then don’t perform as you expect them too.

Money | 29 Oct | Insider Team

Mortgage rate rises – How to alleviate some of the strain

Both the cost of living and interest rates are on the increase, leaving homeowners several hundred dollars out of pocket.

Money | 1 Dec | Insider Team

How over 400,000 Aussies are saving money on everything they buy

Whether it’s extra cash for that new pair of shoes or the latest gadget, there’s a cash back website right here in Australia that’ll give you money back for all of your online shopping.

Money | 29 Mar | Insider Team

Why pet insurance is so important for you & your pet

Just like health insurance for humans (or hoomans in dog and cat speak), your fur baby will need pet insurance. Vet bills and unexpected injuries or illnesses will occur during your pet’s life, that’s a fact. And when they do you’re going to want them to be covered.

Money | 22 Nov | Insider Team

Family budget: Saving up to 2,000 a year

Rick Pillinger is the CFO for a major multinational company and recent convert to Cashrewards, which he heard about through a friend. He has used the site for purchases for himself, his wife and their two children.