How over 400,000 Aussies are saving money on everything they buy

If saving a bit of extra money when you shop online sounds like a smart idea… you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s extra cash for that new pair of shoes or the latest gadget, there’s a cash back website right here in Australia that’ll give you money back for all of your online shopping. All of it. And a little bit of cash back from all of your purchases adds up to a lot of cash very quickly.

The site, which over 400,000 Australians are already using, is called Cashrewards. And it’s already given back $40 million to its members! Let us take you through how Cashrewards works, below.

What’s the catch?

How does it work? Where does the money come from? If you can hear your mum’s advice ringing in your ear… “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”, well, you have every right to be sceptical. But there is actually nothing to be sceptical about. The cashback concept is already widely established overseas in countries like the U.K and U.S but is still gaining traction in Australia.

CEO and Founder, Andrew Clarke, explained to SmartCompany, “I had come across the idea in the United States and while it was established there, the Australian marketplace, including the prevalence of e-commerce sites, was several years behind”.

Andrew Clarke and Co-Founder Lorica Clarke, who reside in Sydney, have built the company from scratch from humble beginnings in 2014 with the mission to ‘give back’ to fellow Australians.

Which retailers are on Cashrewards?

Cashrewards features over 1,200 Australian and International retail partners.

There’s a huge amount to choose from in all major categories including tech, travel, fashion and food. You’ll find ASOS, The Iconic and numerous other fashion retailers, eBay, The Good Guys, David Jones and Woolworths as well as Uber,, Vodafone, Bonds, Priceline, Dan Murphy’s and many more.

Let’s say you wanted to book a holiday, on Cashrewards you’ll find numerous accommodation partners, as well as airlines, hire car companies and even travel insurance. You can quite easily save hundreds of dollars for the cost of a few extra clicks. cashback rates will often increase during peak booking periods as well, so look out for these promotions to help you save even more.

How does Cashrewards cashback work?

With Cashrewards, not only are you earning cashback, except for that one extra click you’re actually not changing a thing. Your shopping habits don’t need to change as you’re not forced to bulk-buy in order to save, there’s no joining fee, and you’re shopping all the current stock at your favourite retailers like you normally would, not last season’s trends.

Simply by clicking through from Cashrewards, or the handy Cashrewards Notifier to your favourite retailers, Cashrewards will give you back a percentage of the purchase price spent at that retail partner.

Here’s where it all makes sense and your mother’s great advice is finally wrong!

These retailers pay Cashrewards to help boost their sales, and Cashrewards pays you, their members, in the form of cashback for buying through the Cashrewards site. It’s a beautiful circle of giving back!

Best of all, it’s not a points system. It’s real money you can withdraw from your Cashrewards account into your bank or Paypal account at any time.

Now that is smart shopping.

How do I start?

To start earning cashback on your shopping, you’ll need to join as a Cashrewards member which is 100% free and easy. All you need is an email address. You can browse the website and all it has to offer without becoming a member, you’ll just need a Cashrewards account to start earning your Cashback in.

Millions of people around the world are saving money on their everyday purchases, and now you can too. Join over 300,000 Australians who have already caught on to the trend and start earning cashback through Cashrewards on everything you buy.

Click here to visit Cashrewards and find out more.


Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through Cashrewards mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although Cashrewards has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you cashback at these stores.

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