See how you can save $1000 per year with tips from Sugar Mamma

Financial Planner Canna Campbell, better known as Sugar Mamma, is somewhat of a financial guru here in Australia. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce majoring in Economics and Marketing, Campbell has become an expert in showing people how to save money.

With over 100K followers on YouTube and 29.9K on Instagram, she is a woman that’s in the know. Her latest offering is “The $1000 Project” – a book and a series of short videos on her YouTube channel SugarMamma.TV – where Campbell shows how easy it can be to save $1000 per year.

We were thrilled that Sugar Mamma chose Cashrewards as one of her hacks to save you money on your online and in-store shopping. Sharing 10 amazing money-saving hacks that will help all of us save $1000 or more yearly, Campbell shows how easy it can be to do.

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See Sugar Mamma’s tips and tricks and start your journey to saving.

Like Sugar Mamma, you too can earn Cashback! Cashrewards is free to join and you can be on your way to earning Cashback at over 1200 retailers. Retailers such as Woolworths, Coles, Myer, David Jones,, and Groupon just to name a few are all on Cashrewards. Not only do you earn Cashback, but you’ll also get extra savings through special promotions, offers and sales. It’s savings on top of savings!

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Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through Cashrewards mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although Cashrewards has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you cashback at these stores.

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