Save as you shop with Cashrewards

Looking for another way to save while you shop? Cashrewards, an Australian cashback rewards program, is the perfect choice. Not familiar with Cashrewards? Learn more about what makes this rewards program stand out from the crowd.

It’s free to join Signing up to Cashrewards is absolutely free and takes only 15 seconds to sign up.

It’s super easy After creating a Cashrewards account, you can install the Cashrewards Notifier on your desktop, a free browser extension that helps you find coupons and cashback opportunities at your favourite retailers. It’ll let you know when you might be able to save money on your shopping and when you’ve come across a retailer offering cashback.

Hot Tip – If you are reading this on a desktop computer, install our notifier, if you are on a mobile device, download our app!

You can use it online and instore Whether you’re browsing at home in your PJs or heading out for a full day of retail therapy with the girls, you can build up your savings with Cashrewards online and instore. The setup process is really easy, allowing you to shop online using our mobile app or computer, or instore at participating retailers with a linked debit or credit card. We know that there are some items that you need to see in the flesh, so you certainly shouldn’t miss out on fantastic cashback offers and discounts!

Heaps of your favourite retailers have partnered with Cashrewards From Woolworths and Coles to Asos, Etsy and THE ICONIC, Cashrewards has partnered with more than 1,200 much-loved retailers, making adding to your cashback balance easier than ever. Picking up your weekly grocery shop, treating yourself to a new outfit or stocking up on the essentials has never been more enticing!

You can earn bonuses by referring friends If cashback and access to great coupons wasn’t enough, you can also earn bonuses by referring your friends to Cashrewards. Every time a person that you refer signs up to Cashrewards and makes a purchase of $20 or more, you’ll receive $5. If you try out Cashrewards and love it, it’s a great extra perk.

Find the latest coupons and special offers to help you save even more Earning cashback on your shopping is amazing in its own right, but Cashrewards also gives you access to some awesome coupons and special offers that can help you save even more on your day to day essentials and those much needed treat yourself moments. Discover today’s hottest deals, from increased cashback and free delivery to some fun freebies, or browse through your favourite retailers to see what’s on offer.

It’s all legit There’s an old saying that you don’t get anything for free, but Cashrewards definitely bucks that trend. Retailers pay Cashrewards a commission, which is then shared with you each time you make a purchase. Once you’ve saved more than $10.01, you can choose to be paid by either Paypal or bank transfer. It’s all above board and a great way to boost your savings without having to sacrifice the lifestyle you love.

You get paid in cold hard cash Forget those old school rewards programs that take you years to earn enough points to redeem anything that you actually want, Cashrewards rewards you with cold hard cash. You can choose to have your balance paid directly into your bank account or added to your Paypal account.

Want to save as you shop? Check out Cashrewards today!


Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through Cashrewards mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although Cashrewards has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you cashback at these stores.

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