Mother’s Day gift guide – gifts under $50

Giving your mum a gift that she will truly appreciate can be one of the hardest things to do. These gifts under $50 are a nice way to say “I love you mum” without blowing your budget, plus you can then put some money towards taking her out to lunch or dinner.

Gifts can be tricky to buy, especially if you’re buying for your mum because you want to show her how much you appreciate her. So, what do you get the woman who basically has everything she needs? You don’t want to get her flowers as you’ve done that so many times (and really you should be giving her flowers every other time you see her). You also don’t want to get her something you know deep down inside she won’t use, like slippers – she’ll just add them to the other five pairs she has accumulating in the wardrobe over the years, or little dust collectors that will remind her of you every time she’s cleaning the house.

So we set out on a search to find something nice and affordable and we’ve found a few gift ideas that we think are a bit nicer than your standard chocolates, flowers and lottery tickets, all for $50 or under.

Personalised print, Design Mondo

Personalised Mum Daughter Print – $38

Bonus 3.5% cashback= $1.33


Letter mug, The Letteroom

Spotty China Letter Mug – $47.50

Bonus 3.5% cashback= $1.66

Hard-to-find-The-letterroom-Spotty-China-Letter-Mug (1).jpg


David Jones

Floral Scarf – $49.95

Bonus 4.5% cashback = $2.24

David-Jones-Floral-Scarf (1).jpg

Makeup set


Power Up Drama Set – $39

Bonus 7.7% cashback = $3.00


If you’re looking to be just as surprised as she is, the ‘Mystery Box’ from ModelCo is a treat, it has nearly $100 worth of cosmetics for only $50. No matter how old we are, a girl loves her lipstick!

For more great gift ideas check out Hallmark eCards, Clarins and International Star Registry and a number of other retailers that you can find great gifts and receive cashback.

Remember that your gift should come from the heart and compliment your mother’s personality and style.

Have a little more to spend? Click here for our Mother’s Day gift guides for under $100.


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