Top 30 Amazon toys gift guide

Don’t know what to get the kids this Christmas? Whether they are your own children or other children in your life, Amazon’s Top 30 Toy Gift Guide will put a smile on their faces.

See the comprehensive list below with the latest, the hottest and the most wanted toys this season. Plus, shop at Amazon through cashrewards and earn 5% cashback!

3 - 5 years old

presents for 3 to 5.png 3-5 presents 2.png 3-5 presents 3.png 3-5 presents 4.png

6 - 8 years old

presents for 6 to 8.png 6-8 presents 2.png 6-8 presents 3.png 6-8 presents 4.png

9 - 12 years old

presents for 9 to 12.png 9-12 presents 2.png 9-12 presents 3.png 9-12 presents 4.png

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