Tech | 6 Apr | Insider Team

Looking to upgrade? Whether you're team Apple or team Android, here are the best phones in 2021.

Tech | 24 Mar | Insider Team

How the 5G network will impact you

Read more about how 5G, the latest generation of mobile network technology, is going to powerfully impact your everyday life.

Tech | 4 Mar | Insider Team

Gadgets to help improve your work-from-home productivity

Staying productive can be tricky when working from home. Here are five tech gadgets that will keep you on track.

Tech | 1 May | Insider Team

Spotlight: Lenovo

When it comes to tech companies, Lenovo is a brand synonymous with quality computing and computing accessories.

Tech | 7 Apr | Insider Team

Your new 13x13cm home cinema – The XGIMI CC Aurora mini projector

The XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable Projector is a powerhouse little package which I may have just fallen in love with. It’s easy to get lured in to this great little device as soon as it’s in your hands.

Tech | 19 Mar | Insider Team

Cubot X18 Plus review – Great budget phone for daily usage

If you’re after a feature-packed smartphone at an affordable price, the big brother of the Cubot X18, the X18 Plus will certainly grab your attention.

Tech | 5 Mar | Insider Team

Product review: Somic SC2000 wireless ANC bluetooth headset foldable headphone with mic

Whether it’s in the office, on the train or at home, everybody needs a good set of headphones. No matter what your jam is, nothing’s more annoying than having noise interference when all you want to do is listen to your favourite beats or take an important call.

Tech | 26 Mar | Insider Team

Is that a Samsung S9 or an Elephone U Pro?

There’s no denying where the inspiration came from for the beautiful design of the brand new Elephone U Pro.

Tech | 19 Dec | Insider Team

Product review: Boeleo K1 2.0 inch AI touch control voice translator

Picture this scenario; you’re in a foreign country, and English is very limited. You desperately try to work out what the locals are saying to you. You search for your language dictionary, so you can slowly decipher every single word they’re saying. That’s pretty annoying!

Tech | 20 Dec | Insider Team

Product review: Huawei Honor watch magic smart watch

The Huawei Honor Watch Magic Smart Watch is a smartwatch that works on both Android and iPhone. For this review, I connected it to my iPhone and found it worked well, with only minor connectivity issues.

Tech | 11 Nov | Insider Team

This week's featured store: Sony

Sony is one of the world’s best-known technology brands with a long history that has made it what it is today.

Tech | 16 Oct | Insider Team

Nokia X6 4G Phablet review: The affordable smartphone

In a world dominated by high-end expensive mobile phones hugely driven by celebrity endorsement and big budget advertorials, we forget that other reliable and more cost-effective phones like the Nokia range exists.

Tech | 13 Jul | Insider Team

Product review: Smart bracelets with a smart price tag

I think everybody needs a smart bracelet, no matter how active or inactive you are they help motivate you and get you moving more. But not all smart bracelets are the same, and depending on what you want to get out of them you don’t want to be spending a small fortune.