Cubot X18 Plus review – Great budget phone for daily usage

If you’re after a feature-packed smartphone at an affordable price, the big brother of the Cubot X18, the X18 Plus will certainly grab your attention. We’ve compiled the following Cubot X18 Plus Review to give you a guide of what you can expect with this handset.

The Cubot X18 Plus is a well-equipped device, along with a premium feel and build, without the price tag of higher-end Android smartphones.

In the more budget end of the smartphone market, you’d usually expect to see some areas which may be severely lacking, but Cubot has done a great job of combining features and components to create a well-rounded device.

Cubot X18 Plus Review – Specs

The Cubot X18 Plus ships running Android 8.0 out of the box and is powered by a MediaTek 64-bit octa-core 1.5GHz processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage, doubling its little brother, the X18.

If you’re a heavy storage user, you’ll be pleased to know the 64GB is expandable with a further 128GB Micro SD able to be used in the secondary SIM slot. Without the expandable storage option used, you’re able to run dual nano SIMs instead.

Cubot X18 Plus Review – Display

The display is definitely one of those components of the budget conscious X18 Plus that’s far from lacking.

An upgrade from its predecessor, the X18 Plus now boasts a full HD 18:9 ratio 5.99in display. That’s larger than the latest Samsung S9 offering which houses a 5.8in display. The X18 Plus’ display runs a resolution of 2160 x 1080 with a pixel density of 403ppi. Real estate is maximised with 90% of the front face being usable screen space. It’s worth noting, the Cubot X18 Plus doesn’t include a screen protector in the box, so you’ll need to account for that in your costs.

The screen offers no real downside, although in testing we did find the adaptive brightness sensitivity a little off, dimming the screen just a little too much for our liking.


Cubot X18 Plus Review – Camera

The X18 Plus provides a solid offering in terms of hardware camera specs. The front-facing selfie camera is a single 13MP lens, while on the back there’s a vertical dual lens setup with a 20MP lens and a 2.0MP for depth sensing. While megapixels alone is not the only thing to consider, for comparison purposes, the Samsung S9 offers an 8MP selfie camera and a single 12MP camera on the back.

In terms of camera features, you’ll find your standard photo and video (max 1080p), you’ll also find FaceBeauty, Blur (for a blurred edge vignette look), Mono, Panorama and Pro shooting modes. What you won’t find is a portrait shooting mode.

While there’s an LED flash built into the back, if you like to take photos at night without the flash you might find it a little under your expectations as the lens opens to a max of f2.0 aperture, restricting its low light capability. Camera phones with better performing low light abilities usually open to around f1.6 aperture, but these are found in higher end, more expensive handsets.

Overall, the Cobut X18 Plus incorporates a capable camera in daylight situations for the cost of the handset, but it won’t be able to compete side by side with more expensive smartphones.

Cubot X18 Plus Review – Wrap up

The X18 Plus is a budget-friendly phone with a premium feel and build which fits nicely in your hand. The body, comprised of metal sides and glass back, provide enough strength and weight without being too heavy, and also not too light or ‘cheap’ feeling.

The non-removable 4000mAH battery provides more than enough power to last all day, and the fingerprint sensor perfectly located on the back just underneath the dual camera functions in just 0.1 seconds – super fast for a budget phone.

With black and blue variations available, the Cubot X18 Plus will suit anyone who is looking for a well-performing, affordable smartphone that has a battery that will last your daily usage, and a great screen to match.


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