Gadgets to help improve your work-from-home productivity

Now that a large percentage of Australians work remotely, we’re starting to notice the real long-term effects working from home is having on our work-life balance. The latest research shows that a declining rate of productivity is a growing concern for employers and teams working from home. As Australian businesses and employees try to keep up with a fast moving post COVID-19 world, it’s important that together they look for ways to improve the way employees work and rest.

Whether you are working from home permanently or you split your time between home and the office part-time, here are a few handy gadgets to help make working from home more productive.

Netgear WiFi Extender


If you're someone who enjoys working in the peace and quiet, your home office is probably somewhere far away from where most of the action takes place. While it’s helpful for avoiding distractions, it can actually limit your overall productivity if your WiFi doesn’t reach all the way.

The Netgear WiFi extender can be a lifesaver for solving this problem. Connecting to your router, either wirelessly or through a wired connection, these little gadgets help to expand your wireless network into rooms that are dead zones or where obstructions prevent you from getting a powerful signal.

While work from home communication has become more intentional, a lack of face-to-face interactions, poor internet quality and endless video calls all contribute to a communication fatigue that can ruin productivity. A WiFi extender is the perfect solution for improving the technical issues behind communicating remotely.

Netgear has a wide range of Wi-Fi extenders that can suit any home or home office set-up. Available online or in-store at The Good Guys.

Doxie Portable Scanner


One of the immediate challenges for employees once they began to work from home was how to address the need to work both with paper and electronically, simultaneously. The instant move to a digital workspace meant that employees who still had an emphasis on a paper-led office, needed either a digital solution or more training to efficiently operate with more mobility.

Doxie is a portable scanner that solves that problem, allowing you to scan anywhere - no computer required!

A compact design the size of a rolled-up magazine, Doxie delivers a crisp, clean, digital scan of your documents in full colour up to 600dpi. It has a rechargeable battery built in so whether you are at a client meeting, at home or back in the office - you can scan documents effortlessly.

Doxie is available for purchase online via Amazon.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive


Effective collaboration is a business problem that existed well before the coronavirus pandemic. Now that employees are moving between the office and home, more mobile collaboration processes need to be put in place to help move productivity forward.

This reimagined flash drive is built for effective collaboration, allowing you to share documents and photos with phones, tablets and computers alike. This wireless flash drive makes on the go collaboration simple and easy. Once you're connected, make collaborative sessions more productive by sharing content with up to three devices simultaneously. If you’ve got a visual presentation, you can even stream it across multiple devices effortlessly.

This flash drive is a must have if you’re looking for a hardware solution to save, share and store files. The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive is available in either 32GB or 128GB, available for purchase online via Amazon.



Time management is one of the biggest challenges for remote workers. While flexibility helps to keep workers more motivated, it also means that without proper time-tracking, employees can feel the line between work and home blur. Tracking your time more efficiently is the first step to resolving the blurring line of home and work life.

TimeFlip allows you to track the time you spend on multiple tasks as you jump from job to job throughout the day. Get more clarity over where your time goes during the week and track it with your organisation's needs in order to make sure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

If you’re looking to distinguish between home and work life clearer, TimeFlip is for you.

Ergovida Stand-Up Desk Riser


Poor work spaces, children, pets and a lack of accountability all can lead to a distracted work environment. If you want to maintain your productivity, then you’ll need to address your focus levels over the long-term.

Ergovida’s desk risers are great desktop gadgets for helping you keep your body well while helping you to get things done. Not only are there incredible health benefits, but desk risers are known to help improve focus and reduce distraction levels. Ergovida’s monitor riser also comes with in-built multimedia ports to make sure you stay connected.

With tremendous benefits to your overall health and productivity, having the option to stand and work could dramatically improve your focus. Available online or in-store at The Good Guys.

We’re all learning how to work more efficiently in a post COVID-19 world, and technology plays an important role in how we navigate these new challenges. If you're thinking of upgrading your home office or wanting to increase your productivity growth with one of these gadgets, starting by browsing what’s on offer at Cashrewards.

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