Your new 13x13cm home cinema – The XGIMI CC Aurora mini projector

The XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable Projector is a powerhouse little package which I may have just fallen in love with.

It’s easy to get lured in to this great little device as soon as it’s in your hands. Not only does it provide great picture and sound quality with inbuilt JBL audio and 4K resolution support, when I say little, I mean little. The XGIMI CC Mini Projector is truly portable, the tiny cube measuring only approx 13 x 13 x 13cm.

Portable Case

To complete the miniature package, its portable case is miniature as well. The high-quality and sturdy fabric case with handy leather strap has enough room inside to carry not only the portable projector, but the power cables and remote control as well, and still only measures 18 x 18 x 18cm. Not that you’ll always need the power cables, it has a 20000mAh built-in battery with standby time of up to 8 hours.

While we’re on the topic of what’s in the box, as mentioned, you’ll find the projector itself wrapped safe and sound in it’s fabric carry case, as well as your power cable and adapter, bluetooth remote-controller, and handbook.

open case.jpg

What’s not in the case but definitely worth considering are the XGIMI mini tripod which screws neatly into the base of the projector, which will help you easily angle your projector as needed, as well as the XGIMI 3D Active Shutter Glasses which turn your 2D viewing experience into a 3D sensation made possible with its DLP Active 3D support.


Getting back to the beautiful little package though, here’s what’s so great about it:

  • Great quality image with 1280 x 720 resolution, and 2K + 4K compatibility.
  • Adequate brightness rating of 350 ANSI lumens. If you’re wondering if this is a good measurement, it all depends on your viewing habits and the room you’re in. For night time viewing, we found it to be a comfortable level of brightness, but if you’re likely to be a heavy daytime user, you may need something a little brighter.
  • Warm sounding audio with its in-built JBL stereo speaker unit, with passive bass diaphragm.
  • Great contrast ratio of 5000:1 and vertical keystone correction of +-40 degree.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, you don’t need to use the device as a projector, it also doubles as a standalone bluetooth speaker.
  • Setting up the device, connecting to wifi and getting started is a breeze with the easy to navigate interface and intuitive set up prompts on first start up. It’s also worth noting that there’s further customisation available within the Settings area.

Within the ‘Projection Settings’ you can control the amount of brightness that is put out, if you wanted to lower it for darker rooms. You can turn automatic focusing on or off, you can manually configure the trapezia correction – although we found this to be pretty spot on already when projected from a number of angles, and you can configure stepless zooming, which is your projected image size.

XGIMI Assistant

The mini projector is great for both small and large rooms. Depending on your room size, it can handle displaying an image up to 4.5 metres wide. During our testing in a smaller room, we positioned the mini projector just under 3 metres away from the wall and it was able to display an image 2.5 metres wide. That’s bigger than any big screen TV. With the stepless zooming function, the image size from that distance was able to be reduced down to approx 1.8 metres wide, if needed.

Another great feature is the XGIMI Assistant, an app you can download on your Android phone to turn your mobile into a remote control.

Being built on an Android system, the XGIMI Portable Projector is also expandable with the integration of Aptoide TV store support, which allows you to add easy-to-access apps and games to your home screen. Options available include Netflix, Kodi, ESPN NFL, Weather Live, Show Box and more. You have 16GB of internal storage to fill up with apps, games and music.


On the back of the device you’ll find your 3.5mm head phone jack, HDMI and power inputs, and 2x USB 2.0 inputs which will allow you to plug in a mouse and keyboard if needed.

How much you ask? Both the Black and the Crystal Cream (shown here) colours are selling for only US$549.99 on Gearbest at the moment with our Cashrewards coupon code. And remember, when you join Cashrewards and click through to Gearbest from us first, you’ll also receive 2% cashback. Winning!

All that’s left to do now is to microwave some popcorn, with extra butter of course, sit back and relax!


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