Product review: Boeleo K1 2.0 inch AI touch control voice translator

Picture this scenario; you’re in a foreign country, and English is very limited. You desperately try to work out what the locals are saying to you. You search for your language dictionary, so you can slowly decipher every single word they’re saying. That’s pretty annoying!

Take your travelling experience to the next level with the Boeleo K1 AI Touch Control Voice Translator. You won’t be stuck trying to figure out what the locals are saying ever again. And you’ll also be able to communicate back to them with the correct pronunciation.

The translator unit is 12 cm in length and is ultra-lightweight, so it can be carried in your pocket, bag or can be hung around your neck (lanyard included). It also has multiple translation formats including audio and multi-person conversation.

The touchscreen is simple to use and set up is easy! You’re guided through the set-up process that only takes a minute to do.

The voice recording feature will translate the selected audio into text for you. Alternatively, you can also record yourself asking a question and it will translate it to text in your chosen language. The recognition language is currently only available in Mandarin, English and Cantonese, which slightly hinders its use.

The device also has a voice recognition feature. This means you can converse with another person without too much fuss when translating what they are saying. The voice recognition works with an A/B button that you can switch between languages. Simply select the languages being spoken, for instance, English and Spanish, and away you go. It also has a multi-person chat, that’s handy for group conversations with other device users.

We know that when we travel there’s always one or two phrases or words that will always be used. You can save phrases to a favourites folder and have easy access to them when you need to. That comes in handy after a while when you just want to communicate the basics.


Colours – Red, black and white

CPU – Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2GHz 28nm

GPU – ARM Mali-400

Display – Size and technology: 2.0 inch TFT IPS – Resolution: 320 x 240P QVGA – Pixel density: 200PPI

Memory – 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM

Multiple Network Connection – WLAN: 2.4GHz – Bluetooth: V4.0

Multiple Translation Method – Offline translation: English and Chinese – Translation: support 45 languages – Audio translation: 60 minutes of continuous recording

Multiple Functions – Walkie-talkie: infinite distance and number pair

Battery Information – Type: Li-polymer battery (built-in) – Capacity: 1280mAh

The Translator comes with 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Converter Cable (lanyard), 1 x Ejection Pin, 1 x English Manual.

Whilst it does need WIFI connection or hot spotting to work properly with the 45 languages, there is a built-in offline translator that supports up to four (4) languages English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Navigating the device takes a bit of getting used to, so play around with the recorder. The instructions are not very clear which made the interpretation a little difficult. What I found a little annoying was that the 45 languages aren’t in alphabetical order, meaning you’re scrolling through the entire list to find the one you’re after.

This is a great device that will really help out when travelling and you need to communicate something important or learn more about the local culture.

Shop the Boeleo K1 from GearBest for $172.15 and you’ll earn up to 2% cashback. This is a handy accessory to have and with a tonne of features, will serve you well when you’re travelling.


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