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It’s almost been a full year since Cashrewards was crowned the winner of the 2016 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards, so we caught up with Josh Tanchel from Deloitte to recap what’s been happening since the success.

Heading to the meeting, we were quite keen to learn what Mr Tanchel would be curious about the most. Has Cashrewards managed to sustain its phenomenal growth, perhaps? How has the business overcome challenges in such a fast-moving phase? It’s important to remember the 3-year growth figure of 12,469% that escalated Cashrewards onto the stage in first place, a figure according to Mr Tanchel that was “significantly above the average of 731%, the highest result since 2004, and the second highest result since the Awards started in 2001.”

Attending the catch-up with Mr Tanchel were CEO and Founder of Cashrewards, Andrew Clarke, Chief Operations Officer Iain Skelton and Mav Peri – Chief Technology Officer.

The warm “Hello’s and How are you’s” took place and then it was down to the reason why we were there. Mr Tanchel was interested in covering the following topics:

  1. What’s next for Cashrewards?
  2. What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered and overcome?
  3. What are the exciting changes that have happened across the tech landscape?
  4. Any tips for dealing with business setbacks?
  5. What are your top tips for other leaders trying to grow their business?
  6. What have you enjoyed most about winning the Tech Fast 50 in 2016?

Now it’s our turn to share with you some of the exciting inside information about what was discussed and where to next for Cashrewards.

Mr Tanchel kicked it off… “So, what’s next for Cashrewards?” To answer this simply, we’ll be looking to diversify the Cashrewards offering and expand the platform into new geographic areas, so more people can access more cashbacks through a wider variety of purchases – something we’re extremely excited about!

Next, Mr Tanchel asked us, “What are the biggest challenges you’ve encountered and overcome?” Similarly for any business, it’s been all about attracting and retaining the right people at Cashrewards. A huge focus is placed on obtaining and empowering the right people with the right skillset and the right attitude, and then developing a strong culture with a shared sense of focus, vision and support. All during a growth rate of 12,000+%, that’s no easy feat for any business.

How has the business dealt with setbacks? Funnily enough, we treat these instances like you would in any solid relationship, by tackling the cause rather than treating the symptom. We’re not about band-aid solutions, and would prefer to clearly communicate the problem to identify the correct solution no matter how uncomfortable.

What are your top tips for other leaders trying to grow their business? You’ve probably all heard this a thousand times but you really do have to dream big because anything is possible! Cashrewards has seen phenomenal growth and support from the Australian public and is now in the amazing position of being able to not only give back to our members, but also to charity, through a new association with the Starlight Foundation.

Finally, Mr Tanchel gave us good cause for reflection by asking us, “What have you enjoyed most about winning the Tech Fast 50 in 2016?” To answer this briefly, it would have to be the ability to take the time to sit down and realise your achievements as a business and just how far you’ve come, a good idea for any business or individual alike to try to do every once in a while.

Thank you Mr Tanchel, same time next year?

To read the full article on Deloitte, click here.

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