eBay Australia

Bonus 1.25% Cashback

eBay is the world's online marketplace; a place for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything!

A maximum of $50 cashback may be earned on any single purchase.

Special Terms


• Payment using any type of voucher or eBay credit may result in your purchase being ineligible to earn rewards.

If anything from within a basket is unpaid or returned, the rewards for the whole basket will be declined.

• You must make all purchases on eBay Australia whilst based in Australia.

• Only purchases made through eBay Australia will earn Rewards.

• Do NOT add products to the ebay wishlist and purchase/bid over 24 hours later - will result in you not earning Rewards.

• DO NOT click on advertising banners or sponsored links on the eBay website – this may result in you not earning Rewards.

• DO NOT visit other websites (including Google) whilst browsing on eBay – this may result in you not earning Rewards.

• Auctions won with bid sniping tools will not earn Rewards

• The following categories will NOT earn Rewards: Charity & Non-Profit items

• Please ensure that the seller has marked your order as sent once you receive your purchased items.

A maximum of $50 cashback may be earned on any single purchase.

No Enquiry Policy: We regret to advise that in the event of your transaction not being recorded or being subsequently declined we will be unable to process your rewards enquiry. Please ensure you carefully follow the eBay Special Terms and the General Cashback Guidelines. If you have any concerns please contact us for further assistance.

General Cashback Guidelines

Helpful tips for ensuring cashback works for you

    • If installed disable Adblock browser extensions and ensure cookies are enabled
    • Click on the Go To Store buttons and the store website will open in a new window
    • Complete your purchase without opening any other websites incl Google
    • If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site, rewards may not be payable
    • Rewards are payable on eligible purchases not including freight, delivery, taxes and GST
    • Rewards may not be payable if you pay by gift card or if you purchase a gift card
    • Rewards will not be payable if the goods or services are cancelled or returned

Cashback Schedule

Notification: Up to 7 Days

Rewards may take 7 days to be credited to your account. You will receive an email to advise your rewards are pending and awaiting confirmation.

Confirmation: 55 Days From Notification

The return period of the goods has passed and the store has confirmed your cashback. Your rewards are now available for payment.

eBay Australia Coupons & Special Offers

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eBay Australia

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eBay Australia

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