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Froothie has the world's most powerful and affordable high-speed Vortex blenders and slow pressed juicers.

We're promoting a healthier lifestyle for our customers with our exclusive Froothie range. They're the Optimum Appliances to assist you in rectifying your bad eating habits.

Our Optimum products are easy to use and have the capability to put you on the fast track to health.

Browse the Froothie range via the 'Shop Now' button to earn Cashback on all of your healthy living product purchases.

Special Terms


Cashback is not available on the following items: Juicing Screws (SKU: SP04AUG) Drive Socket (SKU: DRS) DOMESTIC 1.5 LITRE VORTEX2ND GENERATION JUG SET (SKU: SP82SJS) Cushion Pad (SKU: CSH) COMMERCIAL 1.5 LITRE STACKABLE VORTEX JUG SET (SKU: SP92SJS) OPTIMUM 9900A 1.5L – VORTEX JUG SET (INC BLADE ASSEMBLY) (SKU: BLA) Juicer Holders (SKU: SP04BHB) Juice Filters (SKU: OJF400) Tamper Tool (SKU: TAM) Optimum Juicer Jug (SKU: SP04JUG) Silicone Scraper (SKU: FROSCR) Optimum Juicer Cleaning Brush (SKU: SP04CBR) OPTIMUM 9400 VORTEX JUG SET - 2.0L (SKU: SP94LJS) OPTIMUM 9400 VORTEX BLENDER RECIPE BOOK (SKU: 9400 Cookbook) OPTIMUM 9200 VORTEX BLENDER RECIPE BOOK (SKU: 9200 Cookbook) OPTIMUM 9200A - 2ND GENERATION SOUND COVER (SKU: SP92SCC) OPTIMUM 8200, 9200A - 2ND GENERATION- 2.0L VORTEX JUG SET (SKU: SP92LJS) OPTIMUM 8200 VORTEX BLENDER RECIPE BOOK (SKU: 8200 Cookbook) OPTIMUM JUICE SIEVE (SKU: JuiceSieve) THERMOCOOK PRO 2.0 LITRE STAINLESS STEEL BOWL (SKU: ThermoCook bowl) NUT MILK BAG (SKU: FRONMB) P200 FOOD DEHYDRATOR MESH SHEET 5 PACK (SKU: P200-MESH) P200 FOOD DEHYDRATOR NON-STICK SHEET 5 PACK (SKU: P200-NONST) Any item from the Cookbooks category. Any item from the Parts & Accessories category.

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