Bonus $150.00 Cashback from CashRewards

When you take up a new mobile on a Go Mobile Plan with a handset repayment from Telstra

Benefits of signing up with Telstra

  • Access to 24x7 customer service online.
  • Telstra Mobile Network gives you access to the largest mobile network in Australia.

Special Terms


Cashback is only available when you take up a new phone on a 24 month Go Mobile Plus plan and handset repayment. Note that cashback is available and redeemed from Cashrewards (not Telstra).

General Cashback Guidelines

Helpful tips for ensuring cashback works for you

    • If installed disable Adblock browser extensions and ensure cookies are enabled
    • Click on the Go To Store buttons and the store website will open in a new window
    • Complete your purchase without opening any other websites incl Google
    • If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site, rewards may not be payable
    • Rewards are payable on eligible purchases not including freight, delivery, taxes and GST
    • Rewards may not be payable if you pay by gift card or if you purchase a gift card
    • Rewards will not be payable if the goods or services are cancelled or returned

Cashback Schedule

Notification: 1 to 7 Days

Rewards may take 7 days to be credited to your account. You will receive an email to advise your rewards are pending and awaiting confirmation.

Confirmation: Up to 90 Days

The return period of the goods has passed and the store has confirmed your cashback. Your rewards are now available for payment.