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How Elsye & Jason save with Woolworths Wish eGift cards through Cashrewards

Elsye and Jason, a young couple from the Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park, sat with us poolside to talk about how they use Cashrewards (including their love of Woolworths WISH eGift cards, and Nutella!), how many friends they’ve referred, and their upcoming wedding!

Elsye, who joined Cashrewards in February 2016, has saved more than $500 in a little over two years. Elsye primarily uses Cashrewards to save on her groceries through her purchases of Woolworths WISH eGift cards, saving 5% off the face value of the eGift card instantly. She then uses the Woolworths WISH eGift cards in-store or online to purchase her groceries. As Elsye explains, “when I get a $100 gift card I only pay $95.”

Elsye’s fiance, Jason, loves that she’s a savvy shopper because it gets him “that extra jar of Nutella,” keeping a smile on his face. With the savings Elsye has made, Jason could actually have bought 50kg of Nutella or 50 x 1kg jars to be exact (retailing at $10 per jar)… that’s a lot of smiles!

Woolworths WISH eGift cards can also be used at retailers such as Dan Murphy’s, Big W and Caltex Woolworths, saving you 5% on your petrol, liquor and groceries.

Elsye loves shopping through Cashrewards and keeps referring her friends (as well as Jason’s) so much so that people think she works for Cashrewards!

Watch Elsye and Jason talk about their Cashrewards experience.

lsye says she likes Cashrewards because “it’s a good way to save money especially because in Australia everything is really expensive.”

Of the over 1,200 stores available, some other stores that Elsye has purchased from through Cashrewards include eBay, Groupon, Shoes of Prey (where she bought her wedding shoes!), ASOS and THE ICONIC. Both Elsye and Jason agree that when they want to purchase from a store, they know they are more than likely to find it on Cashrewards, everything from travel, accommodation, clothing and food. Elsye says that “pretty much anything you can buy there’s an option for it on Cashrewards.”

How much can you save by buying Woolworths WISH eGift cards through Cashrewards? You can easily save hundreds of dollars per year by buying your Woolworths WISH eGift cards through Cashrewards.

The table below displays the annual savings you’ll make if you buy a weekly $100, $250 or $500 Woolworths WISH eGift cards through Cashrewards.


Don’t forget, Woolworths WISH eGift cards can also be used at Dan Murphy’s, Big W, Caltex and more.

Is there a catch to Cashrewards? Elsye has been a vocal Cashrewards advocate for over two years, having referred her sister, her colleagues, as well as Jason and his friends. In her words, “It seems like I’m working for Cashrewards… I always tell them ‘oh are you going to buy something online, have you heard of Cashrewards?'”

Even though Elsye has been saving money and earning cashback for so long now, many people are yet to discover the benefits of Cashrewards and earning cashback on items they would have bought anyway.

Cashrewards is free to join and its members never pay any fees whatsoever. Therefore, many people wonder “How does it work?”, and “Where does the money come from?”

Below we’ll explain how it all works so you too can receive cashback on all your online purchases like Elsye and Jason.

How does Cashrewards work? The way in which Cashrewards works is as follows – Cashrewards receives a commission for referring your business to our partner retailers, and we split that commission with you, our member, in the form of cashback.

Retailers love Cashrewards because we increase their sales volume through our highly engaged member base, and they only pay a commission if a sale is made. Instead of paying for clicks from Facebook advertising or Google Search advertising, they are paying us.

Our members love us because they are getting rewarded for the things they would buy anyway.

And we love both our members and partner retailers because we wouldn’t exist without you!

How to join Cashrewards Joining Cashrewards is easy. It only takes about 15 seconds to sign up and there are no fees involved, all we need is your email address.

You are able to browse the website and the current offers without becoming a member, however, you’ll need a Cashrewards account to start earning your cashback.

Don’t wait and end up wishing you’d joined sooner. Join the over 430,000 Australians who have already caught on and start earning cashback through Cashrewards on everything you buy, including your Woolworths WISH eGift cards like Elsye and Jason, today!

Join Cashrewards and start saving!

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