Support local restaurants this Cash Mob Day

Similar to the idea of a flash mob, a cash mob is where a large group of consumers organise to purchase goods and services from a small business at a certain time and date, helping to give the business a small economic boost. Cash Mob Day is all about celebrating small businesses. On March 24 consumers from all around the world intentionally show their support to local businesses by flooding a local restaurant, cafe or small business with their patronage.

With COVID-19 forcing many local restaurants and cafes to close their doors in 2020, getting back to normal is still a long and uncertain road for 2021. Cash Mob Day is an incredible opportunity for you, your friends, and your family to intentionally get out into the community and show your support to those local restaurants and cafes you know and love.

The best way to support your favourite local coffee or lunch spot is to keep regularly buying from them and bringing your friends along. But if you’re looking to do something special this Cash Mob Day here are a few ideas.

Use delivery services that specialise in local restaurants


Companies like UberEats and DoorDash make ordering local takeaway easy and convenient. You can have your favourite dishes prepared and delivered to your door in minutes. When you’re tired, in your pyjamas and can’t be bothered to cook on March 24, take advantage of this small luxury.

Cash Mob Day is a great opportunity to host an UberEats tasting night. Invite your friends around and order a bunch of your favourite dishes from a wide variety of local eateries. If you’re a Cashrewards member, check out the Food & Restaurant section of our website to see if you can earn cashback in-store or online when placing your order at your favourite local eats.

Purchase gift cards from your local restaurant


Two birds, one gift card! Buying gift cards is a great way to support your favourite local businesses, it’s also a great gift idea for a friend or family member. Guaranteed to spark the interest of your foodie friends, gift cards are a great way for friends and family to enjoy and experience together, and potentially make your favourite local restaurant their new favourite spot.

Good Food and Gourmet Traveller gift cards are two of the best digital gift cards that will ensure you’re supporting local restaurants and gifting your friends and family an experience they’ll love.

Buying local merch


Whether it’s a branded keep-cup from your favourite coffee spot or a T-shirt from the legendary local burger shop down the road, many small businesses and restaurants often have their own line of merchandise. Cash Mob Day is a great day to buy a few items for you or a friend.

Not only are you supporting them financially, but you’re also showing your support by rocking their merch around town. Word-of-Mouth marketing is really important for these businesses, and this is an incredibly effective way to help them build their awareness in the local community.

At Cashrewards, we make supporting small businesses and local restaurants easy. We are lucky to partner with an incredible selection of local businesses that specialise in delicious and engaging food experiences. Become a Cashrewards member today and you'll be able to dine out across hundreds of local restaurants and get rewarded for it this Cash Mob Day.

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