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6.00% Cashback

We are Bupa. We're a leading health and care company in Australia and New Zealand.

We're first for families. More than half a million Australian families choose Bupa to look after them.

We offer quality health cover with our very own network of aged care, dental, optical, hearing and therapy services.

At Bupa, we're always looking for more ways to care for you.

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Special Terms


Cashrewards (ABN 72 150 888 136) makes the Offer available to you on the following terms and conditions.

1. Eligibility criteria

You can access the Offer only if you meet all of the following requirements:

• you are a new Bupa customer;

• you take out a new Bupa Selected Health Insurance policy (in accordance with clause 2 below) from 14 May 2018 and 31 December 2019;

• you pay your Bupa health insurance policy premiums by direct debit;

• you are a current Cashrewards member;

• you are an Australian resident;

If you meet all the above requirements, you are an Eligible Customer.

2.0 Selected Health Cover

If you are an Eligible Customer, you can access the Offer if you take out and maintain in accordance with clause 3 a Selected Health Cover.

• A Selected Health Cover is a single, single parent, couple or family Hospital only or combined Hospital and Extras product issued by Bupa but EXCLUDES:

• Simple Start;

• Any hospital product combined with Your Choice Extras;

• Extras Only products;

• Ambulance Only products;

• Overseas Students Health Cover and Overseas Visitors Cover.

The Offer

If you are an Eligible Customer and you maintain your selected health cover in accordance with clauses below, you will receive a one-off payment of 6% of your annual Bupa Health Insurance premium as cash back into your Cashrewards account.

3.0 Instalment

• If you are an Eligible Customer,

• If you maintain your selected health cover for a minimum of 60 days,

• Agree to pay your health insurance cover premiums by direct debit.

Your one off payment of cash will be refunded by Cashrewards into your Cashrewards account. Allow 7 days for rewards to be credited to your account.

4.0 General

4.1 The Offer is not available with any other Bupa promotional join offer.

4.2 The Offer is not available if you join through a price comparison website (including Compare The Market).

4.3 If you breach these terms and conditions before becoming entitled to the join offer, then Cashrewards may elect, acting reasonably, not to award you with the offers. If Bupa or Cashrewards discover the breach after the offers have been awarded, then Cashrewards may decide, acting reasonably, to remove the offers from your account.

4.4 Your Cashback is provided by Cashrewards, not Bupa.

Your cashback is guaranteed

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Cashback Tips

Helpful tips to ensure Cashback works for you

  • Disable your ad blocking software during your shopping sessions.
  • Do not visit other websites after clicking through Cashrewards.
  • For each new transaction, return and click through to the store again.
  • Complete your transaction within 3 hours of clicking through to the store.
  • Read the store special terms.
  • You may not earn Cashback on GST, freight, delivery fees and taxes.
  • You won’t earn Cashback if an order is cancelled, changed or returned.
  • Cashback won’t be payable if fraudulent activity is detected.

You may not be eligible for Cashback:

  • If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.
  • If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.
  • If your order is not fully completed online or is later changed.

Cashback Schedule

Notification: 1 to 7 Days

If your transaction does not appear as pending in your account within 7 days from purchase date, please contact us within 45 days to claim your Cashback.

Estimated approval: Up to 95 Days

The minimum hold period has passed and the store has confirmed your cashback. Your rewards are now available for payment.