When you join you are bound by these terms and conditions, so we encourage you to read and understand them.

1. General

1.1. Owner of the Service
Cashrewards and www.cashrewards.com.au (collectively referred to hereafter as "Cashrewards" or "the Service" or "the web site") is owned and operated by Cashrewards Pty Limited ABN 737 950 267 68 (referred to hereafter as 'Cashrewards', 'we', 'us' or 'our').

1.2. Acceptance of the Terms Of Use
Your membership of the Service is conditional upon your express agreement to, acceptance of and compliance with these Terms Of Use, as well as agreement to and compliance with other terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers contained elsewhere on the service.

The submission of your Cashrewards membership application constitutes your acceptance of these Terms Of Use.

1.3. Changes to the Terms Of Use
We reserve the right to vary these Terms Of Use by providing 30 days' notice on this website. Because as a member of the Service you will continue to be bound by these Terms Of Use, you should periodically refer to them here to review any changes.

1.4. Changes to the Service
We reserve the right to vary the specifications, rates, rewards, rules, conditions and content of any aspect of the Service at any time without notice.

1.5. Content of the Service
Whilst we make every effort to ensure information or content published on the Service by us is accurate and complete, we make no guarantee that it is, and cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in any such information or content.

Any dated information or content published by us on the Service is current at the time of publication, and we are not obliged to update or amend any such information or content.

2. Eligibility and Conditions of Membership
These conditions of membership are the primary, but not the only conditions of membership. We reserve the right to terminate your membership of the Service if you breach or fail to comply with any of the following conditions of membership:

2.1. Eligibility to join the Service
2.1.1. To be eligible to join the Service, you must:
  • be 18 years of age or over; or
  • if you are between 14 and 17 years of age, you must have a parent's or guardian's permission to join.
  • Individuals 13 years of age or below are not eligible to join the Cashrewards Service.

2.1.2. You must be a resident of Australia to be eligible to join the Service.

2.2. Joining and using the Service
2.2.1. You may only apply for and use one membership.
2.2.2. You must not join nor use the Service on behalf of any other individual, including a family member.
2.2.3. You must not allow any other individual to use the Service on your behalf.
2.2.4. A maximum of 6 memberships per household applies.
2.2.5. A maximum of 6 memberships per postal address applies.

2.3. Registered email address
2.3.1. You must provide a valid email address (referred to as the 'registered email address') when you register to become a member. For your membership to be considered active and valid, you must validate your registered email address by clicking on a link within an email we send to you after registration.
2.3.2. The email address you provide when you register must be an active email address in regular use by you.
2.3.3. If you ever discontinue use of the registered email address, for your membership to remain active you must advise us of a new, active email address that you regularly use. You can advise us of a new email address in the Accounts Setting section of this web site. You will be required to re-validate your new registered email address.
2.3.4. Your registered email address must not be the registered email address of any other member of the Service.

2.4. Personal and profile information
2.4.1. You must provide us with information about yourself, and you agree to us keeping a record of that information for as long as you remain a member of the Service. You may be required to provide personally identifiable information in the My Rewards section of this web site. You may also be requested to provide information about you that does not personally identify you in the My Rewards section of this web site.
2.4.2. The information you provide to us must be complete, current, correct, valid and truthful.
2.4.3. You must keep the information that you have provided to us current and up-to-date. You can do this by logging in to the Accounts Setting section of this web site and updating the information provided.

2.5. Accuracy, honesty and integrity
2.5.1. At all times in your dealings with Cashrewards and its partners and suppliers you must act with integrity and honesty.
2.5.2. When filling in and responding to online market research surveys that you have been invited to participate in by an email sent by us, you must answer questions accurately and truthfully, with carefully considered responses. You must not rush through the survey and submit partial or nonsense responses. You must not use inappropriate or profane language in your responses.

2.6. Unsolicited messages and spam
2.6.1. In these Terms Of Use, 'spam' means the use of email, online message boards, online chat rooms, or an electronic messaging service to send a message which:
  • is addressed to a person with whom the sender does not have an existing relationship;
  • is not sent with the implied or express consent of the recipient;
  • is typically, but not always, sent or posted in excess volume;
  • contains information that is unsolicited or unwelcome.

2.6.2. You must not send unsolicited messages or spam to promote the Service.
2.6.3. You must not use the Service to send spam.

2.7. Unlawful use, hacking, tampering and using automated scripts
2.7.1. You must not use the Service for any purpose that is unlawful.
2.7.2. You must not use the Service to engage in any kind of hacking, tampering, spoofing or abuse of any system or computer Service.
2.7.3. You must not engage in any kind of hacking, tampering, spoofing or abuse of the Cashrewards Service and any aspects of the Service.
2.7.4. You must not use a script, robot, software program, or other system that operates the Service on your behalf and outside of the intended use of the Service, whether it be to earn rewards automatically, post or transmit bulk messages, or otherwise interfere with the normal operation and security of the Service or Service.
2.7.5. If you breach any of the conditions above, your membership will be cancelled and you may be prosecuted for damages or expenses arising directly or indirectly out of your actions.
2.7.6. We are under no obligation to monitor any person's use of the Service, however we reserve the right to monitor the Service and retain and disclose information as allowed by law and requested by any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction.

3. Privacy and Security

3.1. Privacy
We take the security and privacy of your personal and profile information very seriously. Cashrewards has a Privacy Policy, which should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.

3.2. Personally identifiable information
The information you provide us in your membership application and further information that you have supplied that is accessible by you in the My Rewards section of the Cashrewards web site includes personally identifiable information (such as your name, your email address, your residential or postal address, etc.) Your personal information may be securely shared with a third party if required or necessary:
  • by law;
  • for us to process a transaction that you have requested; or
  • for us to deliver (or not deliver where you may have opted-out) a feature or service to you that relies on a third-party.

3.3. Third parties
Sometimes you may be directed to a web site where an advertiser or market research company asks you to provide your personal information. It is your choice whether to provide your personal information to that third party. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or actions of any third party.

3.4. Profile information
The profile information you provide in the My Rewards section of the Cashrewards web site is information about you that cannot be used to identify you personally (such as your age, gender, postcode, education, background, shopping preferences, habits, etc.) This profile information is used by us to ensure that you only receive reward information, mail and surveys appropriate to you, and to allow our clients to reach the particular type of people we and our clients are targeting with their advertisement or survey.

3.5. Aggregate basis
The information in your Account Profile and your Rewards Profile is never shared with any third party in a way that can be used to personally identify you. It is only shared with third parties on an aggregate basis. 'Aggregate basis' means the information of many members is combined together to form one measurement or quantity that cannot be used to identify any particular person. For example, a client may be told that their advertising campaign is going to be received by 5,000 members between 21 and 40 years of age, and received by 7,000 members between 41 and 55 years of age.

3.6. Security
We will take all reasonable precautions and measures to maintain the security and privacy of your personal information. This includes using the very best in hardware, software, and security practices available to us. However, due to the nature of the Internet and the nature of the systems and technology available at the current time, it is unfortunate that breaches of security are still possible. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your information will be completely secure, and we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of a breach of security.

3.7. Account password
You must keep your account password confidential at all times. You are responsible for all transactions made on the Service with your username and password. We are not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the unauthorised use of your username and password.

4. Communications from Us

4.1. General Correspondence and Administrative emails
4.1.1. When you join the service you give us consent to send you emails, with or without any incentive or reward, that are necessary for us to continue to provide the Service to you. These emails (referred to as 'service emails') may include:
  • Verification or validation emails;
  • Account statements;
  • Important information or notices about the Service and your use of the Service;
  • Responses to a customer service enquiry you have made;
  • Notification or confirmation of any transaction you initiate;
  • Requests for additional information from you;

4.1.2. Because General Correspondence and Administrative emails are required and necessary for us to provide the Service to you, the only way to unsubscribe from receiving General Correspondence and Administrative emails from us is to terminate your use of the Service by closing your account and thereby cancelling your membership.

4.2. Cashrewards Newsletter and Advertising emails
4.2.1. When you join the Service you must initially give us consent to send you information on ways to earn rewards, specific offers to earn rewards and commercial advertising messages via email and mobile phone, if you have supplied your mobile number details.
4.2.2. We may offer to you an incentive of rewards for viewing the entire advertising email and clicking on the designated link in the advertising email. To be eligible to earn rewards for an advertising email you must click on the designated link within 10 days of the advertising email being sent by us.
4.2.3. Receiving the Cashrewards newsletter and advertising emails is an optional part of the Service. Therefore, you may opt-out of receiving advertising email at any time after your registration is complete. This can be done in the Communications Preferences section in the Accounts Setting section of the web site.
4.2.4. After opting-out of receiving Cashrewards Newsletter and advertising emails, you must allow up to 10 days for your email address to be excluded from advertising email campaigns. This is because selection of the recipients for an advertising email campaign may take place well before the actual date the emails are sent.
4.2.5. We make no guarantee or representation as to the minimum number of advertising emails you will receive from us.

5. Rewards

5.1. Your rewards account
5.1.1. As a member of the Service we will maintain against your membership account a balance of rewards. As you use the Service you may accumulate rewards, and then redeem those rewards for cash.
5.1.2. A minimum payment of $5.01 currently applies. We may change this minimum payment amount at any time, however we will provide existing members a minimum 30 days' notice prior to any change becoming effective. Please note that bonuses received as part of a sign up promotion will not count towards the payment limit but are able to be withdrawn once the minimum payment limit has been achieved.
5.1.3. Until such time as your rewards balance reaches the minimum payout amount, we are not liable to you for payment of any rewards.
5.1.4. You expressly acknowledge that your eligibility to redeem your rewards for cash is conditional upon your ongoing compliance with these Terms Of Use. You also expressly acknowledge the maximum amount of rewards paid to you will be no greater than the amount of commission received by the service. If at any time we have evidence or reason to believe that you are not in compliance with these Terms Of Use, we may, at our discretion, cancel your membership of the Service, cancel any right or interest that you may have in the rewards that you have accumulated, and cancel any outstanding redemption or payment of cash.
5.1.5. If you choose to cancel your Cashrewards membership account, all of your rewards are immediately and irreversibly forfeited. All outstanding and pending payments and rewards are immediately cancelled.

5.2. Rewards obtained by fraud or deception
Where an amount of rewards has been credited to your account and we at any time have evidence or reason to believe that those rewards were credited to your account due to the fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest actions of you or any other member, we reserve the right to reverse the transaction by deducting from your account the same amount of rewards.

5.3. Cashback amounts incorrectly shown on site
Merchants may increase or decrease the commission paid to the Service in which case the Cashback offer may be incorrect. Human error may also be a reason Cashback offers are incorrectly shown on the site. Retailers may also withdraw from the service with or without advising the service in which case the Cashrewards offers may not be available. Your applicable rewards may be less than the advertised rate on the website. The rewards allocated to your account will in no circumstance be required to exceed the commission amount received by the Service from the store or their representative on account of the particular transaction.

5.4. Rewards credited due to error or computer software bug
If rewards are credited to your account due to a human or computer error, or if rewards are credited to your account due to the accidental or deliberate exploitation of a computer-programming bug by you or by anyone else, we reserve the right to adjust or reverse the transaction without notice.

5.5. Coupon Codes (Also known as Voucher Codes or Special Offers)
Coupon Codes advertised or promoted on the Service may be invalid or unavailable at the designated merchant. The service cannot be held responsible for the validity of the coupon code. The benefit implied by the coupon code cannot be retrospectively applied.

5.6. Transferability
Cashback are not transferable between members or accounts under any circumstances.

5.7. Waiting period
For some aspects of the Service, rewards may not be credited to your account immediately. You should expect that in some instances, it could take up to 3 months or more before rewards that you have earned are credited to your account.

5.8. Rewards do not expire
Your rewards do not have an expiry date. Any points or amounts you have accumulated in compliance with these Terms Of Use will remain in credit against your membership account until you redeem them, as long as your membership account remains active and you continue to comply with these Terms Of Use.

5.9. No guarantee of earning potential
You acknowledge that we do not make or imply any guarantee or representation as to the amount of rewards you can earn as a member of the Service.

5.10 The Cashrewards Guarantee
Cashrewards guarantee to honour any cashback claim by a member who has correctly followed the General Cashback Guidelines listed below together with any Special Offer Terms applicable for the store in question. Important: The use of Adblock software may invalidate this guarantee.
A maximum of $30 per cashback claim applies to this guarantee and a maximum of 3 claims per member per month and 12 claims per member per calendar year. This is necessary as this level of cashback not tracking generally indicates user error and Cashrewards will not be receiving payment from retailers on these purchases.
Cashback Guidelines
  • If installed, disable your ad blocking software during your shopping sessions.
  • Check if a store has its own Special Terms and review carefully before making a purchase.
  • Complete your purchase without opening any other websites, including Google.
  • Cashback is payable on eligible purchases excluding freight, delivery, taxes and GST.
  • Cashback may not be payable if you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site.
  • Cashback may not be payable if a gift card is purchased or used for payment.
  • Cashback may not be payable if the order is not completed in full online or later changed.
  • Cashback will not be payable if the goods or services are cancelled or returned.

6. Redemption of Rewards

6.1. General conditions
6.1.1. In these Terms Of Use, 'redemption' and 'payment of rewards' means any type of request for us to pay you or award to you any money in exchange for an amount of your accumulated rewards. This includes payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer or other method. This also includes a request for us to pay money to a nominated not for profit organization, on your behalf, as per your request.
6.1.2. As the Service is open for membership only to residents of Australia, we will not send any payment of rewards to any address outside of Australia, or to any bank account not held with an Australian bank.
6.1.3. At the time you make a request for redemption of your rewards, we may review the details and transaction history of your membership account, and the details of any related membership accounts, to check for any evidence of fraud or deception by you. If we have evidence or reason to believe that you have acted fraudulently or deceptively in your dealings with us, we may choose to deny your request for redemption of rewards and take other action such as cancelling your membership account as permitted by these Terms Of Use.
6.1.4. In clause 6.1.3., 'related membership accounts' means any membership account that referred your membership account, or any membership accounts that were referred by your membership account, or any membership account that has provided the same residential address or postal address as your account.
6.1.5. At the time you make a request for redemption of your rewards, we reserve the right to request from you a copy of a proof of identification document, for account verification and security purposes, before approving your request for redemption or payment of rewards. If you are unable or elect not to provide a copy of a proof of identification document, we may deny your request for payment of rewards.
6.1.6. The frequency at which you may redeem rewards is at our discretion, and may vary from time to time subject to 30 days' notice being provided by notification in an email to you of our intention to make a change.

6.2. Payment by bank transfer
6.2.1. You are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided for the purposes of a bank transfer.
6.2.2. We will only approve and process a bank transfer for payment of rewards where the nominated bank account name is the same as, or in the case of a joint bank account, includes, the name under which your membership account was registered.
6.2.3. If a payment of rewards by bank transfer that you request is processed as per the account details supplied by you, to the wrong bank account, we will not take any action to reverse the transaction, reprocess the transaction, or refund rewards to you.
6.2.4. If a bank transfer is rejected by the bank for any reason, we may charge to you an administration fee of $30.
6.2.5. For the purposes of bank transfers of rewards, we may, at our discretion, enforce a limit of one membership account per bank account.
6.2.6. We will store and maintain your bank account details securely and in accordance with the Cashrewards Privacy Policy

6.7. Charity
6.3.1. You may choose to donate your rewards to a charity listed.
6.3.2 Because donations are not made in your name, and because your Cashback are not taxable, any donation of rewards you make to a charity is not tax-deductible. For this reason, we cannot issue you with a receipt for the donation of your rewards.

7. Service and Service Facilities

7.1. Online Shopping and Register for Offers
7.1.1. In this clause 7.1. 'Transaction' refers to any purchase, order, or action you initiate with a third party including ordering goods or services, or signing up to a service or membership, even if you make no payment for the goods, service, or membership.
7.1.2. The online shopping offers on the web site are made by third parties. You acknowledge that we act as a referral agent only and are not responsible for the quality of goods and/or services you receive from any third party.
7.1.3. We make an offer of a rewards incentive to you for making a transaction at any third party listed in the online shopping directory of the website, but only if you make that transaction as an individual referred to the third party by us. The offer of rewards is made on the basis that the third party pays us a commission for referring you to the third party. We do our best to ensure that our offers of reward incentives are correct at the time of transaction, however we are unable to guarantee, that our offers of reward incentives to you, are accurate at the time of transaction.
7.1.4. To be eligible to receive rewards for making a transaction with a third party listed on the website, you must:
  • Initiate the transaction by using a link to the third party on this web site or in an email we send to you, and;
  • You must use that link before making the transaction, and;
  • You must use that link in the same web browsing session as when you make the transaction, and;
  • You must not use any other referral or tracking link for that third party between the time when you use our link and when you make the transaction, and;
  • When you make the transaction you must not use any coupon or voucher code that is not listed or advertised by this service, and;
  • Where stated, you must complete any other required actions including answering any questions asked; and
  • Where stated, you must comply with any other terms, conditions and requirements.

7.1.5. In some instances, certain products, services, or offerings are expressly excluded from the offer of rewards, and there may be particular terms, conditions or requirements that apply only to that offer. You should ensure that you fully understand any exclusions, terms, conditions, and requirements as displayed before proceeding with a transaction.
7.1.6. You acknowledge that we may elect not to credit you with rewards if the third party elects not to pay us commission for referring you.
7.1.7. We may elect not to credit you with rewards for a transaction you make when failure of any system such as an affiliate tracking system or cookie-based referral tracking system results in us not being paid by the third party for referring you.
7.1.8. We will not credit you with rewards, and we may deduct rewards already credited, for a transaction you make at a third party if you subsequently cancel the transaction or order, return the goods for refund or credit, or fail to pay for the order in full.
7.1.9. Your claim for rewards will be made on your behalf automatically using a cookie-based tracking system. If the cookie-based automatic claim system does not work at the time you make a transaction, you must make a claim for the rewards manually. For your Online Shopping rewards claim to be valid you must claim within 60 days of making the transaction. The information you supply at the time of making the claim must be accurate and correct. If you do not supply accurate and correct information, we may reject your claim for rewards. Additionally, some merchants will not accept any manual claims whatsoever and in this instance we are unable to claim for rewards on your behalf.
7.1.10. If you make a fraudulent or deceptive claim for rewards we will reject your claim, and we may deduct from your rewards account a cash penalty, or we may cancel your membership of the Service.
7.1.11. Rewards will be confirmed when the merchant confirms its validation requirements have been met. If the merchant does not provide confirmation, transactions will attain confirmed status when the merchant or third party pays the service for the transaction. The service makes no guarantees for payment of the reward to you until payment has been received from the merchant or third party.
7.1.12. You acknowledge that the directory of online shopping in the Cashrewards web site may contains links to age restricted web sites and services, including web sites containing adult material of a sexual nature. Do not click on these links or visit these web sites if you are not over 18 years of age or if you are offended by material that is sexual in nature.
7.1.13. We make no guarantee or representation as to the minimum or maximum number of offers that you will receive from us, however you may adjust your communications preferences, in order to reduce, increase or restrict the communications you receive from us, at any time, by logging into your account settings in the My account section of the website.

7.7. Competitions
7.7.1. We run competitions for members at various times. Additional terms and conditions apply to those competitions, and you should read those terms and conditions in conjunction with these Terms Of Use.
7.7.2. Unless stated otherwise in the competition terms and conditions, by entering into a competition run by us, you agree to have your name, suburb and state published on the Cashrewards web site and in print media if you are a winner.
7.7.3. Unless stated otherwise in the competition terms and conditions, by entering into a competition run by us, you agree to provide us with a testimonial and photograph if you are a prize winner. When you provide us with a testimonial and photograph you must agree to us publishing your testimonial and photograph both on the Web Site and in print, online and social media for marketing and promotional purposes.
7.7.4. Cashrewards employees and their family members, and Cashrewards affiliates, clients, agents, suppliers, and their employees and immediate family are not eligible to enter any Cashrewards competition.

8. Communication Facilities

8.1. Communication Facilities
The Cashrewards Service contains merchant reviews, electronic message boards ('forums'), chat rooms, electronic messaging and feedback systems, and other communication facilities which allow you to communicate with us, with third parties, and with other members of Cashrewards (referred to hereafter as 'Communication Facilities').

8.2. Conditions of use
It is a condition of your use of any Communication Facility and your access to the Service that you do not do any of the following:
  • restrict or inhibit any other member from using or enjoying any aspect of the Service or Service;
  • post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information or material of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law;
  • post or transmit any material of any kind which violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including material which is an invasion of any privacy or publicity rights or which is protected by copyright, trademark or any other proprietary right, or derivative works with respect thereto, without first obtaining permission from the owner or relevant right holder;
  • post or transmit any material of any kind which contains a computer virus or other harmful component;
  • post, transmit or in any way exploit any material of any kind for commercial purposes, or which contains any promotional material or advertising, unless we receive consideration or payment for such posting or promotion as part of the service we provide to our members and clients;
  • impersonate any other person or entity;
  • solicit donations for any person or any organisation other than a registered charity or not for profit organisation.

8.3. Penalties
If you breach any of the conditions relating to the use of Communication Facilities we may impose a rewards penalty, we may suspend your access to use, and ability to post to, any Communication Facility, and we may cancel your membership of the Service.

8.4. No obligation to monitor
We may from time to time monitor or review the contents of the Communication Facilities. While we reserve the right to edit, delete, or refuse to post any information, content or materials (in whole or in part) that in our sole discretion are in any way objectionable or in violation of any applicable law or these Terms Of Use, we have no obligation whatsoever to monitor any Communication Facility or to edit, delete or refuse to post any information, content or materials, nor are we responsible for any information, content or materials posted by you or any other member of the Service or user of the Service.

8.5. Public not private
You acknowledge and agree that the Communication Facilities provide a means of public and not private communications.

8.6. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities
We reserve the right to cooperate fully with any law enforcement authority in any jurisdiction in respect of any lawful direction or request to disclose the identity or other information in respect of anyone posting any information, content or materials which violate any applicable or relevant law.

8.7. Username
We reserve the right to cancel any membership account created with a username that in our opinion is offensive, obscene, profane or indecent.

9. Third Party Web Sites, Advertisements and Surveys
The Service and the emails sent by us and the online shopping directory and the website, contain advertisements and links to web sites and online market research surveys operated by third parties or their licensees or contractors. Third party links, advertisements and market research surveys are independently operated by the relevant third party and are not a recommendation or endorsement by us or our affiliates or our respective employees. We make no express or implied warranties in relation to the content of these advertisements or web sites, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the web sites or the products and services advertised for any purpose.

In some instances, the advertisement or web site linked will contain representations or offers by the third party, which you can accept by executing the relevant transaction. You acknowledge that we do not make such offers, and the third party is solely responsible to you for the delivery of any goods or services obtained from the third party.

If you have an enquiry or complaint about a particular merchant, business, advertisement, link, email, or survey, you may contact us. We will do our best to answer your question or resolve the issue, however in some circumstances we may need to direct you to contact the merchant, business or advertiser directly.

10. Bonuses & Other Rewards
The service periodically offers monetary bonuses or other rewards for sign-ups and referrals to the Program, for referring other new Members, or for other specific actions. The specific terms and conditions accompanying such offers will govern how they are earned and redeemed.

10.1 Refer A Mate Program

Promotion Term
The Refer A Mate Promotion commences 12.01am AEDT on 15 August 2016 (Opening Time) and ends at 11:59 AEDT on 30 June 2017 (Closing Time). This period of time between the Opening Time and the Closing Time is referred to in these terms as the Promotion Term.

If you are a member of the Program in good standing during the Promotion Term, you can be an advocate for the Program and in the process earn a five dollar ($5.00 AUD) referral bonus for each qualifying Referral that you make to the Program (each, a “Referral Bonus”). For purposes of this paragraph, a qualifying “Referral” means:
  • any new, unique individual, who is not a member of your household (including yourself),
  • who is eligible to be a member of the Program in accordance with the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the Agreement,
  • who registers for the Program for the first time and has not previously registered for the Program, whether with the same member information or otherwise, and may not be a fraudulent, fictitious or duplicate account,
  • who uses a referral link that is provided by the Program and shared by you (the “Unique Referral Link”), and
  • who makes a Qualifying Purchase(s) of at least twenty dollars ($20.00 AUD) through the Program within ninety (90) days after signing up as a member of the Program (for each Referral made by you, the “Referral Bonus Threshold”).

A Qualifying Purchase means any purchase through the Cashrewards system in line with the prevailing terms and conditions which results in Cashback to the member.

All subscriptions services, digital services and surveys including but not limited to iTunes, Woolworth’s Gift Cards and Audible are expressly excluded from this promotion.

We retain the right to add / remove other stores from this promotion at our discretion. The Referral Bonus will become Available Earnings in your Program Account at the time a Referral is credited with Approved Earnings for the transaction that achieved the Referral Bonus Threshold. The Referral Bonus is your sole and exclusive compensation for directing a Referral to the Program.

As part of the Promotion the Referral will also be entitled to receive a five dollar ($5.00 AUD) bonus. This bonus will be immediately approved on sign up of the Referral.

The withdrawal conditions for bonuses earned under the Refer a Mate Promotion are detailed in Clause 5.1.2.

We make every effort for the referral tracking system to be accurate but cannot be responsible if a referral link is disrupted due to your, the Referral, or a third party’s actions or failure to act, including without limitation failing to complete sign-up and subsequently signing up for the Program directly without using the Unique Referral Link, changing computers or devices, or any another mechanism that potentially could disrupt the referral tracking technology. You agree that the determination of the qualification and source of a Referral is determined in our sole and absolute discretion.

You agree that you only will post the Unique Referral Link in places where you have direct ownership, such as a personal website, personal blog, personal Facebook page, personal Twitter account, etc., and in each case in conformity with the applicable posting guidelines of the relevant referral mechanism. We reserve the right to prohibit any specific referral mechanism to be used if we have deemed it inappropriate for the referral program in our sole and absolute discretion.

You agree that “Spamming” other individuals to join the Program via unsolicited email, direct mail, newsgroups, message boards, or any other means is strictly prohibited for the referral program. You agree that you will only make direct referrals without using any merchant site, keyword bids, black hat SEO, paid advertisements (e.g., pay per click), or other similar methods. You agree that any referral made by you will be done without use of i-frames, bots, or any other method of automated distribution. You agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation those related to the Spam Act 2003, trademark, and privacy. Any referral content used by you in association with the Unique Referral Link will not include inappropriate content, such as hate, porn, violence, or other similar content that we determine in our sole and absolute discretion could be expected to negatively impact our goodwill or reputation. We reserve the right to remove you from the Program if we determine in our sole and absolute discretion that you have violated any of these restrictions, and at such time you agree that you will forfeit all Referral Bonuses, including by offset against Pending Earnings or Available Earnings if previously paid, in addition to any other rights or remedies that we may have at law or in equity.

You acknowledge and agree that we may change or modify the terms of the referral program, in whole or in part, or terminate the referral program in its entirety, at any time, provided that any Referral Bonus that you have earned prior to such change or termination will be subject to the terms that were in effect at the time it was earned.

11. Copyright
All content and material on the Cashrewards web site and Service and sent to you in an email by Cashrewards is protected by Australian and international copyright law, and may also be protected as a trade mark, service mark, or under other rights and laws.

Except for the creation of a temporary copy on your computer which is inherent to the process of the normal use of the Service or Service, the content and material referred to above may not be copied, reproduced, published, stored in a retrieval system, altered or otherwise used in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, without our prior written approval, or the approval of the relevant copyright owner.

12. Disclaimer of Warranty
You acknowledge that you have not relied upon or been induced by any representation by us and that we make no warranty or representation as to:
  • the results that may be obtained through membership of the Service;
  • the accuracy, reliability or otherwise of any information obtained through membership of the Service;
  • the financial or other rewards which may be obtained through membership of the Service;
  • the Service or Service being uninterrupted, timely or error free;
  • the goods and/or services purchased or obtained through the Service or Service, including goods and or services offered by third parties, except where expressly indicated.

13. Limitation of Liability
You release Cashrewards, its parents, subsidiaries, and its officers, employees, agents and affiliates from any claim for loss, damage or liability, including special indirect or consequential loss or damage such as loss of revenue, unavailability of systems or loss of data, in respect of:
  • any advertising emails or survey invitation email sent to you;
  • your membership of the Service;
  • your use of or inability to use the Cashrewards Service;
  • the quality of goods and/or services purchased by you;
  • any merchant or product descriptions contained on the website or contained in advertising email sent to you.

14. Indemnification
You indemnify and keep indemnified Cashrewards, its parents, subsidiaries, and its officers, employees, agents and affiliates against all claims (including third party claims), demands, damages, costs (including legal costs), penalties or suits caused by or arising out of or consequential upon your membership of the Service or your use of the Service.

15. Termination

15.1. Termination
These Terms Of Use are effective and in force until terminated by us. We may terminate these Terms Of Use at any time without notice.

15.2. Cancellation by us
We reserve the right to cancel your membership and terminate your use of the Service at any time, without cause or reason, and without notice. Specifically, we may cancel your membership and terminate your use of the Service, without notice, if you:
  • Breach or violate any conditions or requirements in these Terms Of Use;
  • Act against the business interests or reputation of Cashrewards or its affiliated organisations and clients.

15.3. Non-use
We reserve the right to cancel your membership and terminate your use of the Service, with 7 days' notice, if your membership account becomes inactive through non-use over a period of 12 months. To prevent your membership account from becoming inactive, it is sufficient for you to simply log in to Cashrewards a minimum of once in any 12-month period.

15.4. Cancellation by you
You may choose to terminate your obligations under these Terms Of Use at any time by cancelling your membership of the Cashrewards Service. This can be done in the Close Account section, in the Accounts Setting section, of the web site. You will be required to enter your password in order to cancel your membership.

15.5. Cancellation is final
If your membership is cancelled, the cancellation is final and your membership cannot be re-activated.

15.6. Forfeit of rewards
If your membership is cancelled, you will forfeit all of your rewards and outstanding redemption payments.

15.7. Refusal of application
We reserve the right to refuse your application to join the Service again if we have ever cancelled your membership of the Service in the past.

16. Severability
If any part of these Terms Of Use is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part or provision of these Terms Of Use.

17. Governing Law
These Terms Of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales and of the Commonwealth of Australia. You submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia.